Inventory Management System

The product monitors your business inventory and keep reports up to date. It will be a power pack solution to completely automate you store. With the help of our product you can increase your sales. Keep track of sales, order, inventories and deliveries at your finger tip. Reduce the paper work and human error and get instant reports. All your manual accounts management is automated in our product. Unique feature like Credit payment management is included.

To conquest the digital combat, retailers must essentially rethink how applications should be built and deployed. Retailers can no longer be idlers in adopting new technologies. Now the necessity of knowing new technologies and how software applications are implemented in the business field has become a vital task.

Adopting a software strategy can spur growth of a business. These new technologies are capable in shaping new markets and in grasping more consumers and also helps in creating new services and best offerings.

Pioneer from both IT and the business must toil together closely to organize new business solutions to help conquest the digital combat and drive competitive advantage.

Key Features
  • Stock Management
  • User privilege
  • Detailed reports
  • Payment follow ups
  • Instant inventory reports
  • Accounting Integration