Pawn Brokers Automation System

This product offers more comprehensive features for all types of pawnbrokers or jewel loan providers. It is much advanced in functionality but very user friendly product.

We developed this product by means of the latest technologies and significantly expands the functionality of previous versions to newer ones. It comprised of a base system and key functional areas that offer a wide number of different Loan and Interest scheme types. It is available in both single user and multi-user versions.

Pawn Brokers Automation system maximizes the profit for the business and reduces loss to the max. It helps in reducing manual work and increases a relaxed business time. It enables interest calculation and keeps you away from income loss and man-made error. As per Government norms, the loan receipt will be in the regional language(Eg:Tamil).

The utilization of this pawn brokers automation system provides improved profitability, good productivity, efficiency, attractiveness and competitiveness.

It helps us track the consumer information in one place. We can make speedy decisions and also find key information fast.

It also helps you receive an improved consumer satisfaction and global improvement in business reporting and management.

Key Features
  • Advance technologies like Biometric Integration, SMS alerts etc.,
  • Complete report generation
  • High data security
  • Accessible anywhere
  • Loan history & summary report
  • Part payment system
  • User Authorization and privileges
  • Overdue Follow ups & it's management
  • Accounts & ledger management with Audit Report